Many of you have been inquiring about Koufax after his major back surgery of a couple of months ago. Koufax goes for rehabilitation twice a week and acupuncture once every two weeks. He is slowly regaining his strength. He gets around the house with a harness, and with our help has his usual life (I chase squirrels with him). He is otherwise very healthy, his fur has grown back, and his appetite is great. It’s now a matter of regaining the muscle tone and confidence to use his rear legs independently.

In the movie here you see him in his underwater treadmill. He achieved in this session a personal best of 14 minutes without a break. He pulls two stunts on the treadmill. When he thinks the therapist isn’t watching, he pulls up his rear legs and lets them float, using only his front legs to walk. The therapists has to yell, “Stop floating!!” He also tries to drink the water in the tank, figuring that if he can drink it all he will no longer be immersed in it.

In the still shot you can see Buddy Beagle providing his usual supervision.

Thanks for all your good thoughts, Koufax is progressing. He turned 11 in July and is in very good shape according to his doctors. So his rehab regimen will continue. Of course, he still accompanies me and Buddy for coffee in the mornings.

One thought on “Koufax

  1. Loved this update, especially Koufax and his antics. Our furry family members never cease to amaze.

    So happy he is getting back to his old self for all concerned


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