Kudos to Virgin America (again)

Part way across country on Virgin America 365, Boston to LAX, with another world-class, 1st class experience. Best domestic airline in the skies, another great flight attendant, excellent food, superb legroom—all on an A320. They simply know how to do it, and the rest don’t.

2 thoughts on “Kudos to Virgin America (again)

  1. The problem is that’s a house organ, and Virgin Atlantic drastically needs an overhaul. The planes are old, the “cocoon” seats are old, and the overnight flight to London from the US doesn’t give you enough time to sleep and deposits you in the morning in bad shape. I’ve had to leave them for British Air/American because they fly a much more business-friendly flight in the morning, get to London for dinner and decent sleep. His Chicago hotel opened two years late. The space plane, well….

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