Lasting Impressions: How to convert meetings into business

New York City

October 10, 2013

9 am to 4 pm

Venue to be announced, midtown

Lasting Impressions

How to convert appointments into business every time

My analysis is that the “conversion rate” among consultants is far too low. That is, when you are successful finding and meeting the true, economic buyer, the potential business slips away like water in a sieve.

Why doesn’t the buyer call you back? Why aren’t you immediately asked to create a proposal? Why are you sometimes given signs of great agreement, only to have subsequent calls ignored?

Can you afford to squander these opportunities, as if you’ve finally located a gold mine and then forgotten how to return to it?

In Lasting Impressions, we will use extensive role plays (every single person who volunteers and most who don’t) and examples of the language, behavior, demeanor, and nuances that will create lasting, positive, impressions.

For example:

• How do you initially greet someone?

• How do you greet someone you’ve met previously?

• What do you have with you in a meeting and how do you use it?

• How do you guarantee a next meeting or a proposal?

• How to tell if they love you or are just trying to get rid of you?

• What homework to prepare and what to ignore?

• The five steps of rapid conversion:

  1. First impression
  2. Orienting the conversation
  3. Remaining “in the moment”
  4. Directing traffic
  5. The assertive close

• How to proceed from “yes” to “yes”?

• When to cut your losses?

• When to increase your expectations?

What if you could go to the proposal stage with 90 percent of your meetings with buyers, and close 80 percent of those proposals for a minimum of $50,000?

No more “What ifs.” Join me for a rapid fire, rollicking day of role plays and role reversals. I encourage you to record this conference in its entirety. Lunch is provided, but some of you will probably want to work while you eat.

Fees prior to August 1:

Public: $850

Mentor Members and/or SAC* Members: $700

Growth Cycle Discounts Apply

Roundtable members FREE

[First 8 people I will take to dinner the evening prior!!]

* Society for Advancement of Consulting

Fees August 1 and later:

All participants: $950

Live Streaming Participants: Same rates as above.

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