Leaning Crazy

I’ve been in Munich and Hamburg for a few days, and the only English-speaking television is CNN, MSNBC, and Bloomberg. They are 90% business news, and they are all insane.

They cover abstruse and obscure market movements, and hypothesize all day long about issues which they examine from nine sides and have no real bearing on anything. Sometimes it’s like listening to Swahili, and I’ll turn to a German channel which is more comprehensible than the insane business chatter and statistics. It’s apparent they have no idea about why things happen, they projections sound like a Magic 8 Ball, and they vest each other with gnostic wisdom regardless of accuracy.

The Brits are the worst, investing every sentence with an emotional, shouted, imprecation about some minor financial matter as if the sun has just disappeared or we can no longer produce vanilla ice cream. The men are unbearable. ranting at the camera as if they are losing an empire. They froth at the mouth, as if the .004 change on the Hang Seng will cause flooding on the Florida coast.

The women, especially, on the other channels, are so liberal and left-leaning that they actually shut down interviewees who might offer a ghastly opposing view. When one man tried to defend Donald Trump’s statements about an issue with facts, the woman said, “Come, come, you can’t ask us to believe that he was right about that,” and then talked over his protests. The women are arrogant and snide, and start ostensible questions like this: “We all know that the US is headed for a deep recession, so when do you think it will arrive and how do we protect ourselves?”

All of this is wasted energy, like a leaking water pipe, or lights left on all night long, or gas flowing out of your car. It needs to be turned off, wrapped, and plugged up.

© Alan Weiss 2016

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