Lessons from The Million Dollar Club

At our seventh annual Million Dollar Club meeting, this one in Sevilla, the ten members considered these issues, which I thought might be of help to everyone.

• The best reasons for moving into new geographic markets is to reduce labor intensity.

• You can make a million dollars but that doesn’t mean you have a million dollar mindset. You need to move to an abundance mentality.

• “Thinking big” means appreciating how various factors interrelate and not trying to “solve” something immediately in front of you.IMG_2856

• Like depression, guilt “masks” talent. You help others best by helping yourself so that you’re in a position to help them.

• True rainmakers are very hard to find. Don’t overstaff on the delivery side, where you can readily subcontract with people for delivery.

• It more effective to disagree and be provocative than it is to be in constant agreement if you want to be an object of attraction for buyers.

• Stop limiting your options, and stop accepting arbitrary options from your clients, by recognizing you’re an expert, and experts have a range of interactions they can provide and which they decide upon.

Our 2015 meeting may be in Mauritius. If you think you qualify and would like to be considered (over $1000000 in revenues in 2014 for a solo practitioner or boutique firm owner in consulting, coaching, and/or related fields), drop me a line at alan@summitconsulting.com, or read the details on my site, alanweiss.com.

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