Lessons from the Million Dollar Consulting® Convention

Someone asked me if I had chosen speakers and topics that blended into a single message at our recent, hugely successful conference in LA. Victoria Labalme, Bruce Turkel, Marshall Goldsmith, and I all conveyed the importance of personal worth, emotion, purpose, and action; of taking control of our lives; or creating personal happiness.

I told the questioner that when you listen to global experts and thought leaders involved in human performance, they tended to say similar things because those traits are what account for their own success.

This is neither rocket science nor an accident, a planned consistency nor collaboration.

Don’t follow exemplars’ trails, carve out your own, but do seek what they seek.


© Alan Weiss 2016

2 thoughts on “Lessons from the Million Dollar Consulting® Convention

  1. No, sorry, the logistics would be overwhelming. I would do one if someone locally promoted it and took over the management of it.

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