Let Me Get Back to You on That

What are the reasons people don’t return message and what should you do about it? You will have to listen to this podcast and especially the to last few seconds to find out.


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4 thoughts on “Let Me Get Back to You on That

  1. The UK VAT man is a legend and I’m sorry you’ve had to experience his ways! BTW, if you’ve got any of the Byzantine rules wrong, he sends it back to you with a withering comment in red ink. It’s like being back at school.

  2. VAT refunds are a scam, trying to show you can collect what you never should have paid, but making it onerous and almost impossible to do so. Lord knows what this archaic bureaucracy is costing the legitimate taxpayers.

  3. Tell me about it!

    Lots of consultants and other small businesses also make the mistake of believing the VAT money is their’s and use it to manage their cashflow. It all ends in tears when the VAT man catches up with them.

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