Let’s Talk

The best way to address a business audience is as if you’re having a conversation with someone. Don’t “present.” Don’t be theatrical. Use humor, stories, and solid examples to support your points.

Don’t stand in one place, move around. Smile. Take questions. (Can you imagine talking to a friend and saying, “Please hold your questions until later, if we have time.”)

Don’t use PowerPoint, which is hackneyed and removes the focus from you. Don’t use handouts that divert attention.

If you can’t speak easily (and even extemporaneously) for an hour, with questions and responses, on your expertise, well then, you’re not much of an expert.

One thought on “Let’s Talk

  1. This is some of the best advice I’ve heard on speaking. Years ago, I heard someone say when giving advice to future speakers, don’t focus on the words or being perfect to your audience, but focus on the intention and the desired outcome or results for the listeners. Do you agree with this? I don’t know who said this, but they said the best secrets of success (in anything) are often the most simple.

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