Lying to Yourself

Are you lying to yourself?  Many are!  Why is it so import to change that?  Click the play button and find out.

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3 Responses to Lying to Yourself

  1. Huseyin Djemil says:

    Wise words. I will remember them whenever I”m tempted to embelish the truth. Better to under promise and over deliver “as the truth tends to out”


  2. Classic.

    It is funny that people rarely think about the fact that affirmations don’t amount to anything if they don’t produce performance. The sad truth is that they rarely do.

    With the proliferation of the internet, and social media in particular, many so-called experts are spreading lies about their experience and qualifications. As you point out, many a probably start to believe their own tall tales after a while.

    I recently had a fortune cookie which informed me that “Appearing is nothing. Being is everything.” How many of us can tell the difference between the two?

    Lies, exaggerations and affirmations do not make anything real.

    Good stuff, Mr. Weiss.

  3. Alan Weiss says:

    Truth does, indeed, “out,” and life is more than a Magic 8 Ball!

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