8 thoughts on “Marching in Which Direction?

  1. No matter what anyone’s politics, I become giddy watching an awards show full of multi-millionaires protesting things that they, themselves, easily circumvent. John Denver, the mega-environmentalist, had thousands of gallons of gasoline stored under his garage and Barbra Streisand pays thousands in fines to ensure her lawns are watered even in drought conditions.

  2. They wanted to cancel the Oscars after 9/11 because they were sure “we’d be the next target.” This is a level of narcissism for which the critique Trump. Except he won a real election. Their awards they bestow upon themselves. And for that matter, the next time someone like Kanye West calls himself an “artist” he should be arrested for fraud.

  3. From a purely business perspective I can’t understand why these celebrities voice their political views. The only stand to lose fans and $ in the long run. They should stick to what they do best, ie . act,sing,etc.

    • There is a “mixed media” phenomenon, identified by Marshall McLuhan, wherein people acclaimed in any given field often begin to believe their talent or expertise is universal. Barbra Streisand is a great singer, but her political writing is at about fourth grade level (and so is her grammar). Don’t forget, these “stars” are cosseted and protected by layers of handlers. They have little idea about what the real world is, sort of like a tenured professor who can’t be challenged and seldom leaves campus.

    • Nope, it won’t hurt them $$-wise. Fans will still see the movies no matter what tripe comes out of their mouths offstage – that’s been happening for decades. Look how much money the “big” stars still make even when their movies are absolute bombs, let alone the mega $$ earned by films that never should have left the “cutting room” floor. It’s only when they offend someone inside the industry that they’re in trouble.

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