May I Have This Dance?

Why is it so hard to think of the tune of a favorite song when another song is being played? (At least it is for me!) I think it’s because it’s tough to conjure up something in your mind when you’re being besieged with reality: the music on the radio or in your ear buds.

The same occurs in sales calls. You may have a “script” in your mind or sound bites you’re intent on conveying, but the actual speech of the buyer is getting in your way! So you’re neither in the moment (thinking about your script) not effective in producing your sound bites (trying to engage in the ongoing dialogue).

The answer, of course, is to dance to the music you hear, not the music you imagine. You can’t dance a tango to waltz music, and you can’t impress a buyer with something solely inside your head. Stay in the moment, dance a great tango, and make sure you’re leading (man or woman, you can lead) to your desired ending.

Otherwise, you’ll trip over your own feet and the only music you’ll hear will be “For All We Know, We May Never Meet Again.”

© Alan Weiss 2016

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