Million Dollar Club Meets in Stresa, Lago Maggiore, Italy

I’ve published some of the findings from this fourth annual meeting, and more will come. Courtesy of Chad Barr, here are some glimpses of the meeting.

Left to right: Guido Quelle, Susanne Quelle, Suzanne Bates, Drew Yarro, Maria Weiss, Alan Weiss, Chad Barr, Stuart Cross, Phil Symchych, Kerri Symchych, Wendy Nour, David Nour

Getting my hair cut while eating pasts at Il Taverno di Poppagallo.

One of the restaurants and the view from the Aminta Resort.

Typical crowd at the parking lot. That Bentley in the foreground is the same color as mine, but has a smaller engine.

Chad and I at the poolside reception.

Chad, Stuart, Phil, Kerri, Guido, Susanne.

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