My New Custom Designed Briefcase

From Mitchell Leather in Milwaukee (through an introduction by Alex Goldfayn), designed to hold my 17″ Mac laptop, iPad, iPhone, assorted files, even pen holders built to the circumference of my personal writing implements! Finally, no more compromises!

9 thoughts on “My New Custom Designed Briefcase

  1. Coming soon on pay TV, “Pimp My Briefcase”.

    This could be the start of the “Alan Weiss” business accessories fashion line?

  2. Alan,

    That’s a gorgeous briefcase.

    I broke my rivets on the handle of my other brief case from all the weight (and guilt).

    Their patented design and quality looks remarkable.

    I promise that I won’t get the same one as you (my wife won’t let me).


  3. Great. You go tme jealous 🙂

    Jokes aside, $1200 on a briefcase is a non issue:

    A- it is a cost of doing business
    B- it makes one feel great
    C- you give yourself the gift as a treat for a job well done

    As of the size, I have a very nice briefcase which I tend to keep small (smaller than this one) so that I am not looking like a coolie on a Tibet trip.


    – Filofax A5
    – Small 12″ laptop
    – Some papers related to the project|client
    – Pens
    – Mouse
    – Small headphones and mike
    – 4 whiteboard pens (since most of the time, the ones in rooms are crappy).

    More often than not, this is way enough.

    As a general rule, buying quality goods beats cheap good in a lot of aspects. Including self worth.

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