Nantucket Journal: August 22, 2008

A gorgeous day at the beach. Perhaps five of us on the cusp of the Atlantic, along with the occasional sandpiper and gull. Finished Original Sin (tough sledding, but fascinating) and started on Cialdini’s Yes.

Dinner at the Club Car, octopus and then rack of lamb with an outstanding Heitz Cellars. Then a Cohiba accompanied by a 133-year old Madeira, under a few thousand stars with just the crickets and cicadas for company.

I’ll let the photos tell the story.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Our private beach:

Shared with a sandpiper:

Heavy duty reading:

Scenes of the inn:

Scenes of town:

Mitch the bartender with my martini and stuffed olives:

After a long day’s work, a Cohiba and an 1875 Madeira:

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5 thoughts on “Nantucket Journal: August 22, 2008

  1. Who cares about the books? I’m having an envy attack over the beach, the bar, the inn, the Cohib, the Mad, etc., etc.

    I gotta go be alone for a moment. (Still…thanks for sharing Alan)

  2. I see one of the keys to Alan’s success is the ability to read upside down. I will go back and re-read Million Dollar Consulting this way in hopes of finding even more great tips!

  3. “Yes” was disappointing, too much carry over from “Influence” and too many repetitive examples, not really 50 different or new, maybe half that. This is how I speed read, upside down.

  4. I remember sweeping those cobblestone streets when I was a kid working for the Nantucket Department of Publics Works. Those were some good times. Juts in case anyone wanted to know why you don’t see sand all over the streets. Nantucket still looks as beautiful as ever. Having Alan reading a book upside down is a nice touch.

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