Nantucket Journal: August 23, 2008

It’s 9:45 pm and we’re sailing home on the smaller ferry, Nantucket. My car is lost among SUVs with roof storage units and four bikes on the tailgates. Assorted dogs are making the trip. Public school begins before Labor Day these days (which is ridiculous) and so the people arriving with kids must be the private school parents, and those sailing back with us, the public.

We won’t get in until 11:15, and then it will be a 90-minute trip home. But we like to spend the entire last day on the island, and went to church, had dinner, and headed for the dock. People are watching the Olympic marathon on the high def televisions in the lounges on the ferry, and here I am on the ship’s own WIFI system. I’m also contemplating a hot dog, but I digress.

Nantucket is one of those places which creates high expectations and then lives up to them each time. It is serene, sophisticated, and stylish, but also casual and accessible. Even the good restaurants have space where two-week reservations were once the norm.

I made my reservations for next year, same suite, same week. The inn makes the reservation, figures out near year-end what the rates will be, then charges me appropriately in January. They demand 100% paid in advance, but how can I, of all people, argue with that?!

Thanks for reading my journal. Advance warning: Starting September 4 I’ll be writing a journal from the largest suite on the Queen Mary 2 as we sail the North Atlantic. And there will be some surprises with that one, which will proceed through London and Italy. I hope you’ll come aboard for the ride.

Maria just brought me the hot dog.



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