Newest Million Dollar Consulting® College Graduates

At the Castle Hill Inn in Newport, Rhode Island:

Left to right: Rurik MacKaiser (South Africa), Vera MacKaiser (South Africa), Constance Dierckx, Michelle Randall, Christina Dyer, Alex Goldfayn, Linda Walstencroft (Canada), Shawn Casemore (Canada), Dan Markovitz, David Fields; front: Alan Weiss

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2 Responses to Newest Million Dollar Consulting® College Graduates

  1. Libby Wagner says:

    Congratulations to the newest group of MDCC graduates! This is a differentiating experience for entrepreneurs who really want to step away from the “pack.” And, you can’t beat the location at Castle Hill, one of my favorite spots on the planet!

  2. Alan Weiss says:

    Exclusive “on the beach” photo coming soon!

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