No Cackling Zone

A rare process visual presented by Alan at his most recent Million Dollar Consulting College® in Rhode Island.

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5 Responses to No Cackling Zone

  1. Lisa Nirell says:

    I was the official “cackler” of the group. This complex graph may be published in Alan’s next edition of Process Visuals.

    - Lisa

  2. Alan Weiss says:

    Actually, for the record, that’s not entirely true. You and Nancy McGuire both cackled at a fairly consistent kilahertz vibration rate. (Although I think the gulls were more attracted to you.)

  3. Nancy McGuire says:

    Note to Chad, I need to see the videotape! I am certain that I am much more of a guffawer than a cackler.

  4. We’ve done the sound analysis. Sounds the same to us.

  5. Lisa Nirell says:

    It took me years to master this cackling skill. It may others the same amount of time to attain similar sound quality.

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