Not A Gamble At All, and Dine At Fred & Steve’s

We’ve been all over the world, gambled in Portugal, Monte Carlo, Spain, England, Australia, Italy, and elsewhere, and enjoy great food and wine. Since we’re headed for New York, Palm Beach, and China before the end of the year, we decided to spend my wife’s birthday evening at Twin River, only 30 minutes away. Twin River has recently added table games to its acres of slots.

We were met at the door by a valet who parked my car only a few yards away. (I thought it was next to a 2014 Corvette, but it turned out to be a Ferrari with the worst paint scheme I’ve ever seen on that car—silver.) A security guard was happy to give us directions inside. The pit bosses and dealers were very pleasant, and the place was pretty crowded for a Thursday night. We were both issued rewards cards, and eventually ended our gambling only $300 down and headed to Fred & Steve’s.

This steakhouse is owned by Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie, both former pro football players. Steve was a Patriot, and his son is now with the Giants. (He gave me a rundown of both for this year, but that’s privileged information.) We also met the executive chef, Scott Kaiser. These are terrific people, and the food is magnificent, some of the finest prime rib I’ve ever tasted, superb service, and an outstanding wine list.

Part of the slots floor.

Chef Kaiser and me.

The entire place is an experience. They have a Nathan’s with the famous hot dogs, and a comedy club. There’s a lot of underwear showing, unfortunately mostly on men. And when we left, I simply pointed and said, “The Bentley.” The valet ran to get it and I realized that anyone could say that and no one asked me for ID nor was I given a ticket.

But, that’s what insurance is for! We’re going back.

© Alan Weiss 2013

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