On Deductive Reasoning and God

Let’s see if I have this straight:

1. The French soccer team beats Ireland for a World Cup berth on the basis of an egregious and widely seen handball, an illegal and pathetic act in this venerated game. The French refuse to concede or do anything remotely honorable about this, despite an international outrage.
2. And, the same team then humiliates itself and its country, by gaining only 1 point, suffering through resignations, obscenity-laced player tirades against the coach, players refusing to practice, and a pitiful, virtual surrender on the field. They return home in shame, the objects of obloguy from their own countrymen.
3. Therefore, there must be a God.

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4 thoughts on “On Deductive Reasoning and God

  1. As an Irishman, I like your sentiment but I have to question your logic. You could say that the facts that the French squandered their place in the WC finals in such a terrible way and they really have no shame as a people both point to there being no God. Why? Because those who might care don’t and the ones who do care are just maddened more! A God would love and comfort his fans by properly striking down the ambivalent ones.

  2. God grants free will. The French haven’t had a clue how to use it since Louis XIV. They’ve been living on fumes.

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