On the Road Again

I’m hardly an analytic-type person, and my tendency is to deliberately place numbers outside of the boxes. But when I first started traveling in the 1970s I thought it would be cool to keep tabs on my airline miles (before any frequent flyer program existed). I began with a small book and now have it on my computer. Returning from Fiji a couple of days ago, I reached the quite reliable number of 3,780,000 miles.

I’ve also kept track of the countries and states I’ve visited, and have them indicated on a world map in my Retreat Center (62 countries and 49 states—I refuse to go to North Dakota).

These specific numbers give me perspective. I don’t have to say I’ve been to scores of countries, or have a couple of million air miles. I have a grasp on my personal history and geography. My experiences are organized so that I can leverage them.

Are you aware of your own experiences and how valuable they are for you?

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