Once An Accident, Twice A Coincidence, Three Times A Pattern

Find the cause of your success and failures. Correlation is certainly not cause, and neither is coincidence.

My dogs paw a door they want opened. The door is only opened when I’m around and going where they want to go. An occasional correlation isn’t cause.

Some people find the real buyer in a meeting they were having with a non-buyer they thought was the buyer. That’s coincidence (luck). So is wearing a favorite outfit or rubbing a lucky coin.

All this may seem self-evident, but too many of us spend time focused on the wrong elements rather than true cause. The problem with cold calling, for example, is that if you find one buyer by accident or coincidence and get the appointment, you work more on that technique—which fails 99 percent of the time.

If you find a hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk, you may seek to find its owner or you may determine it’s your lucky day. But you’re not going to quit your profession and go in search of hundred dollar bills on the sidewalk to make your living.

Not if you’re sane.

© Alan Weiss 2017

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