Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 12/10/18

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

I remember the comic Stephen Wright saying once that he’d love to be able to daydream, but he keeps getting distracted. I’m easily distracted because I find everything going on around me pretty interesting (except golf, fishing, and running) so I take mental trips when I should be paying more attention. I called the car dealership the other day, unhappy that they had picked up my car that morning and it still hadn’t been returned by late afternoon. They got …

I Was Just Thinking About You

It’s hard not to continue listening to someone you know who calls and says, “I was thinking about you….” That’s a pretty good way to revive a relationship with a past buyer. Of course, then you have to provide the value that prompted you to think about that person. That takes zero investment, just some inventiveness.

Is This My Best Side?

Imagine if corporations spent so much of their time on trying to win awards from peers and   media people, to be in a competition on national TV, to be interviewed wearing borrowed clothes and jewels, and then make lengthy statements thanking people endlessly and/or making snarky political commentary? We’d have rapid turnover of forgettable people, superficial limelight instead of extended results, and a focus on ourselves instead of the customer. In other words, we’d have Hollywood.

The Phone Went Dead, Call the Cops

I once had a coaching client who took every bump and jostle in life as a personal insult. He  took offense at a client of his who was chewing on ice from his drink, and told him it was irritating. He was offended when he received a notice applicable to many people and without a personal salutation to him. I don’t know how he felt when I fired him as a client because I really didn’t care. I don’t consider …

Reflections on the Passing of George H.W. Bush

The following is an excerpt from the January edition of my newsletter Balancing Act®. I watched people of all persuasions and positions come together to pay respects to George H.W. Bush. I heard wonderful words, funny stories, and poignant remembrances. These often came from former opponents and foes. We deal daily, it seems, with people with whom we disagree, often virulently. They may be strangers, acquaintances, even family members. The disagreement is sometimes a debate, sometimes an argument, sometimes a vendetta. We sometimes, …


The tributes to George H.W. Bush have been heartfelt and impressive, bringing many people of differing views together to mourn his passing. His values clearly apply to all of us. I found the exception to be the print reporter (Times?) who, praising President Bush’s World War II service, then had to slander his son by saying the elder Bush served in combat while his son “merely” joined the National Guard to avoid regular service. (The younger Bush flew a fighter …

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 61: Making America Great Again

Wherein we try to discover what greatness is and who’s responsible for it, with results that are very frightening.  For the record, this is a nonpartisan podcast.