The Adventures of Koufax and Buddy Beagle

The Adventures of Koufax and Buddy Beagle

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But Why?

My twin granddaughters keep asking “Why?” ever since they learned to speak. “Why is the car top down?” “Why don’t all cars have tops that go down?” “Why don’t trucks have tops that go down?”

You get the drift.

It’s a great habit, one often ignored by consultants. A buyer says, “We need a two-day strategy retreat” (or a week of coaching or interviews with our clients or a focus group) and the consultant tries to figure out how to convince the buyer that he or she can meet the demand and get the money. That is a commodity approach.

However, if the more confident consultant simply asked, “Why do you want that?” one might discover a completely higher level of need with more impact, larger value, and higher fees. That is a value-based approach.

“We need a leadership development workshop.”


“Because our leaders aren’t acting in concert with each other and are too often competing with each other.”


“Because I’m the third CEO in three years and they have become very territorial and mistrusting.”

“Then let me suggest that a ‘program’ isn’t the answer, but that we need a range of interventions, some individual, some group, and some starting with you.”

The questions “Why?” raises the level of the decision and also raises the ante.

© Alan Weiss 2014

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When you’re regarded as the expert:

• People defer to your judgment.

• You create the reality (“This isn’t a compensation issue but rather a recognition issue”).

• Fees aren’t a factor in selecting you.

• You work solely with high level people.

• You determine the types of interventions, not the client.

• Bold, innovative, contrarian recommendations are taken seriously.

• You set the speed and style of the intervention.

• Resistance and critique are not factors.

• The client feels grateful to have worked with you.

How do you regard, present, and conduct yourself? Do you see yourself as an expert who is an immediate peer of the buyer, or as a hired hand who will be quickly delegated to HR and resisted by entrenched habits and resentment?

The choice is yours. This is your career and your life. Unless you surrender your status.

© Alan Weiss 2014

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I Spy

Now there’s a kerfluffle about our spying on our good friend and ally, Germany. I would imagine we “spy” on a lot of people, just as a lot of people spy on us, including our allies. All countries operate in their own self-interest, and gathering intelligence seems like a necessity. (For example, are the Germans providing the means for their companies to make money by breaking the embargo against Iran? I have no idea, but our government probably feels it needs to know.)

My consultant’s question is this: If we spy so much, how come we know so little?

We seem to be pretty constantly surprised by what happens in Libya, Iraq, Russia, France, Italy, Israel, and China, just to name a few friends and foes. We’re either not spying at all or we’re really pretty lousy at it.

When I was working with Mercedes years ago, they were fond of pointing out the Lexus would reverse-engineer their cars to copy aspects of the engineering, but they would settle for the cosmetic and miss the true purpose of the design (cushioning the gas tank against impact or taking water away from sight lines).

If we’re spying on Germany, we’re still not able to build a car in the US as good as a Mercedes, nor beat their soccer team. So what’s the point?

© Alan Weiss 2014

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Alan’s Monday Morning Memo – 7/7/14

This week’s focus point: The world isn’t hostile to you and you’re not a victim. Once you accept victimhood you surrender all of your power and control of your fate. It’s always “they” who get in your way, yet you have no way to influence “them.” The unexpected and unfair happen to all of us, but the harder I work, the luckier I seem to get. There are those who want you to be a victim, so they can “fix” you and protect you against “them.” I never start with the assumption that someone else is damaged and needs “fixing.” Don’t blame others, make yourself accountable. You and your confidence can then travel in the high occupancy lane.

Monday Morning Perspective: Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. — former Senator Walter Huddleston (D-KY)

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The Power of Personal Worth and Fulfillment

There are 10 days remaining for the deep discounts for this series beginning in September. It comprises very brief videos, podcasts, and electronic print techniques and boosters each week to continually build and nurture self-esteem.

I’ve found that poor self-worth is the primary reason for less success in one’s endeavors than one’s talents should provide. People allow themselves to be “beaten down,” fall prey to peer pressure, and accept all kinds of unsolicited and destructive feedback.

Esteem can atrophy, like a muscle. This is your weekly strength training. For what amounts to almost pennies per item, receive these three boosts and pragmatic insights weekly. You’ll find the improvement in your self-image and your performance amazing.

You can see videos and details as well as register here:

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A woman tries to register for my upcoming series on personal fulfillment and self-worth. Her credit card is rejected by her bank on my terminal. This happens perhaps five percent of the time, and 90 percent of those are quickly corrected by the purchaser. As you know, banks are ridiculously paranoid about charges, security, and so on. People generally apologize for the inconvenience, resubmit, and we’re all happy.

This woman, however, writes me back: My card WAS and IS valid!! She screams at me as if  it were my fault the bank didn’t accept the card. (We attempt all charges three times to ensure the error isn’t ours.) I told her that her response was unacceptable and I doubted that she could get anything out of a series on self-esteem, since hers had gone missing entirely. Killing the messenger is the age-old symbol of insecurity, not unlike putting your hands over your ears, closing your eyes, and yelling.

Some people are too far gone. She’s the kind who, if honked at on the road, goes into road rage.

The bank is simply rejecting your attempt to charge something, not your worth as a human being. You control your destiny by correcting the bank, not screaming at the message.

© Alan Weiss 2014

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The Adventures of Koufax and Buddy Beagle

The Adventures of Koufax and Buddy Beagle

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Alan’s Monday Morning Memo – 6/30/14

This week’s focus point: You area not your “terminal self” right now. That is, the person you are today is not the person you’ll be in a year. Is the person you were last year the same person you are today? We change, become new people. This isn’t the cliché about throwing baggage off the train, it’s about taking an entirely new train with new baggage. Think of the person you want to be in a year or two. Plan around that future, a moving target. The person you are today will disappear, which is good. Every day we write another page in the autobiography of our lives. If the pages repeat, we’re boring, and a story no one wants to read.

Monday Morning Perspective: I feel it is ludicrous for the publication to hide behind the First Amendment. It’s like someone practicing human sacrifice and justifying it based on freedom of religion. — Jeff Walt remarking on sensationalist publications.

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Site for Sale

I am selling the domain


It is valued at $3,600.  I am willing to sell it outright for $3,000 to avoid having to deal with the Auction process.


Thanks for letting people know about it.


Scott Herman

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