Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 08/14/17

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

Here’s a little something I’ve learned: I can always make another dollar, but I can’t make another minute. But even when there isn’t another cent, there is another day. I meet too many people who are angry all the time. If you’re nasty to customers at 7 am, what does that bode for the rest of the day?! There are people who expect every grievance to be acknowledged by everyone else and acted upon until they are happy (which they …

Tail, Meet Dog

Have you noticed the number of hotels and auto dealers who are sending notes after customers’ recent visits advising them they will be receiving a survey in the mail soon. If the customer has been unhappy with anything, please call to have it addressed prior to taking the survey. In other words, we’re not really interested in your feedback, we’re interested in perfect survey results because that’s how we’re measured and rewarded. Dumb-ass, stupid management.

Get Your Hands Off Of Me

People are upset with United Airlines for dragging a customer up the aisle to evict him, but we’re “dragged up the aisle” every day by banks that are charging nickel and dime nuisance fees, airlines charging for baggage (they made $4 billion on this last year, a charge that didn’t exist several years ago), and health care copays. Why are we only upset when it’s egregious? Dragging is dragging….

Dumb Ass Stupid Management: Gale Pacific and Coolaroo

Coolaroo is a brand of pet products produced by Gale Pacific, Ltd, and sold on among other places. Stay the hell away from them. Their product was defective—couldn’t be assembled—and they have not replaced the part even with proof of purchase. Their phone people are disempowered and simply sing the company denial song. Do not buy from them, they may have poor products, but they’re also lousy at service!

Looking Up

I’m on the 6:15 am Acela out of New York heading home. We emerge from the Penn Station tunnel and on the left is one of the great sights anywhere, the New York skyline, East River, and then the Hellespoint Bridge. The first class car is pretty empty, and the three men sitting on that side are all immersed in their iPhones and newspapers. No one looks up. I know they’ve probably seen it before, but I used to live …

Guest Column: What’s So Funny About Decision-Making?

What’s So Funny About Decision-Making? by Linda Henman, PhD In 1974, Mel Brooks directed the blockbuster comedy, Young Frankenstein.  In the movie, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein learns he has inherited his infamous grandfather’s estate in Transylvania, along with his manuals and lab notes. After initially resisting any connection to his grandfather, Frederick becomes fascinated by the idea of creating his own monster after he discovers his grandfather’s book, How I Did It. As Frederick discovered, understanding a researcher’s conclusions often starts …