Spam This

If crooks were so smart, they wouldn’t be crooks, right? Here’s the latest scam. Suddenly, I’m getting 5-6 spam messages through the contact area on my site. This has gone on for a week or two. Today, I get a message from someone who claims they and others are experiencing it, but they want to share a technique to stop it. Gee, I wonder if that costs less than my delete button!

The Rube Goldberg Phenomenon

Sometimes we work ourselves into a lather trying to create a visible model of all our intellectual property and methodology—we include every element. And then it can become a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s that large, and it’s that phantasmagorical. Start with what you need the buyer to understand clearly in terms of the buyer’s results and work backwards. Keep it blazingly simple (Occam’s Razor). If someone has to have your model or visual explained, it’s failed.

What If It’s Not “This or That,” But Both?

Folks, let’s understand that seldom does one advance in any area replace all that went before it. We still don’t have a checkless society, nor paperless offices. We continue to use propeller-driven planes. Radio, even AM radio, has not disappeared. (And, by the way, steam-powered locomotives made the trip from New York City upstate much faster than today’s diesels.) For that matter, we still use horses, don’t we, even in police departments? Life isn’t an “on/off” switch, it’s a rheostat. …

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 01/02/17

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

(The following is from my January 1 edition of Balancing Act, and I rarely publish the same thing twice, but I’m making an exception here, I hope you’ll cut me some slack.) New Year’s Resolutions are just an excuse to pretend that we’re cognizant of our flaws, eager about improvements, and willing to take accountability for positive change. If this were an “over/under” bet in Vegas, the number would be 1 and I’d take the under. (Talk to your gambling …

Second Law of Thermodynamics

There is no such thing in this—or most other—professions as a “plateau.” The Second Law of Thermodynamics states, briefly, that in any closed system (wherein no outside energy enters the system) entropy will result. A decline takes place as existing energy is exhausted. Don’t kid yourself. If you’re not growing (creating more energy) then you’re declining. Not much of a choice, is it? © Alan Weiss 2016

What’s the Temperature?

I may have far less depth than you, but what happens to me sometimes is this: I get in the car and the outside temperature reading is 63° and I’m thinking, “Wow, great day for December!” Then I realize that I’m sitting in the car in the garage. Once I open the door and drive away the temperature reverts to an accurate 37°. A great many times we make assumptions based on where we are and not where we intend …

A Good Cigar

I had a gift certificate to one of my cigar clubs, and I know they carry the “cigar of the year.” (La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull) I walked in mid-day, when I’m never otherwise there, and I encountered the bar/cigar tender who’s on that shift, a very attractive woman I had never met. I told her what I needed and we entered the vast humidor. We found the cigars, and when I tried to leave, the door was locked. “Uh, …