Back to My Roots

Point Pleasant, New Jersey, broad sand beaches, great breakers, nice boardwalk and attractions for the kids. And we stopped for a breakfast sandwich of a hard roll, pork roll, bacon, cheese, and eggs. Neither broad sand beaches nor pork roll is available in Rhode Island. 

The Slow Train

We had to catch an early Sunday train to New York and the only option was the Amtrak local, no Acelas until after noon. We had a “business class” car, which essentially meant a little extra leg room. The train stops everywhere—like a Greyhound Bus, you can wave it down in your driveway or backyard. But it’s clean, has a decent café car, and the staff is quite courteous. We departed from Providence two minutes late. Here are my observations: …

Magic Carpet Workshop

  Alan Weiss conducting his rare Magic Carpet Workshop in the amphitheater where the Greek Carpetus Shagus the Elder first started the discipline in Mykonos. Rugs come from all over the world to attend. The fee is $1,000 per square foot. Here you see him addressing the sold out crowd, and interacting with one participant, while others are in rapt attention. This group was from Persia. On the third day they learn to fly.  

Heading for Israel

I awoke at 5 am for my 5:45 limo to the train station. I caught the Acela down to Newark, and it was smack on time. A very courteous cab driver drove me over to the airport for $20. Why this circuitous route? Because only in Newark can I get a first class, non-stop seat going to Tel Aviv. El Al treats people carefully  but not entirely graciously. Everyone talked to me in Hebrew, and they were all surprised when …