Performance Based Priorities

A lot of you tell me you’re “overwhelmed.” There is no such thing. You’re simply treating everything as a priority, hence, you have no priorities.

If you want to drive somewhere, the priority is to have gas in the tank and properly inflated tires. It would be nice to have the car washed, and a minor ding removed, and the floors vacuumed. But those issues pale in terms of the car getting you where you want to go, as compared to a flat or running out of gas.

Tweaking your web site, putting together a newsletter, getting new publicity photos all pale compared to asking clients for referrals or obtaining a speech in front of prospects. No head shot is going to get you business, but the speech and referrals will.

To escape “overwhelm,” ask yourself this: Which tasks will most probably generate short-term business? Leave the others aside until you’re confident that the business is arriving.

© Alan Weiss 2015

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