The zeitgeist is heading back toward more personal interactions. If you stay at the same hotel (or even chain) they keep track of your predilections: what papers in the morning, flowers in the room, type of pillow.

Amex has created relationship managers for their top customers, and when you call the number on the back of the card your phone is recognized and sent directly to that manager and team. Amazon cites books and products you might like because their algorithms figure out patterns in past searches.

We all love to visit our favorite bar and be asked, “The usual?” It’s nice to have a restaurant always reserve your favorite table and provide your favorite foods. Even some newspapers practice “zoning” whereby they modify certain editions to suit certain demographics.

What are you doing to personalize your interactions with customers? Mass emails are unimpressive. Your “six step” process for anything is generic.

Find a way to demonstrate that you recognize individual needs and preferences and anticipate them. People have favorite airlines, hotels, bars, web sites, and restaurants. There’s no reason buyers can’t have favorite consultants.

© Alan Weiss 2015

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