Please Don’t Leave A Message At The “Beep”

Both Kensington and FileMaker put representatives on the phone within a 90-second wait to help me make adaptations for my new iMacPro. High tech, high touch. Apple  provides 30 minutes of live phone time when you purchase the iMac or the iPhone X.

Every business is a relationship business, from Microsoft to Amazon, Boeing to Sears. Some do it well, many do it terribly. I trust Emirates Airlines, they always get the benefit of the doubt, but I wouldn’t walk on a Spirt Airlines plane if they paid me and had a spa on it.

How are you treating your clients: as organizational revenue streams or as individual buyers whom you intend to improve and delight?

2 thoughts on “Please Don’t Leave A Message At The “Beep”

  1. We went on a Spirit flight many years ago, when leaving from Canada to travel to Australia via the US. Most side-splitting experience ever – for all of the dangerous and bizarre stories, let alone the rip-offs. The rust on the tail of the plane was enough.

    Great material for audiences/clients, but never again!

    Microsoft, on the other hand, has provided outstanding phone support and service even for small fee email accounts. They don’t crow about it enough. Very happy to be their client.

  2. My Spirit round trip featured a plane two hours late, lousy service, and a “senior flight attendant” who was emotionally unstable, screaming for everyone to sit down even after the captain rang the bell signaling it was safe to get up at the gate. They are the worst airline I’ve ever encountered.

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