Please Send Me $10

Am I crazy, or is Facebook becoming the home of the terribly needy? We have the incessant requests to “like” every inane comment. Then we have people demanding that you post a comment to prove you’re reading their postings. There are the demands to “send me a dollar” to prove some fool thing or another. And we have the people who display their ratings from speeches, random compliments, and even celebrities (in their view) who are standing in the same room!

Aside from the political agendas (“It’s a sad day in America, because there are people who don’t agree with me”), and the banal platitudes (“If you’re not your own best friend, then who would you confide in?”), what is it about this craving to be validated by others (who are mostly strangers)?

It seems like a vast landscape of insecurity, sucking the oxygen out of the atmosphere. But, what the heck, please demonstrate you agree by sending me $10. I’m at least ten times more secure than anyone on Facebook, so a dollar won’t do it. I’ll donate anything to send to the Animal Protection League. At least, I will if they tell me they like me….

© Alan Weiss 2013

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2 Responses to Please Send Me $10

  1. Rich says:

    I just look in the mirror and say “The fee is $50,000″.

  2. Dennis Snow says:

    And I’ll also attach a few cute pictures of my cat.

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