Using Your Head

The proportion of deceased football players whose brains show serious degradation is alarming, something like 97%. I wouldn’t let my son play football today, nor would I allow him or my daughter  to “head” a soccer ball. the NFL is a multi-billion dollar operation. Let’s see what happens now….

Up, Up, and Away

Federer wins at 35. Venus Williams reaches the finals at 37. Tom Brady wins at 39. Why are people so astounded, newspaper headlines enlarged? We’re all living longer and performing at a higher level longer. Tony Bennet will sell out Madison Square Garden at 90. There is an ageism bias in our society, and just as gender bias removes half the talent in the equation, so does ageism.

Dignity and Respect

I was listening to Professor Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto lecturing in his classroom about dignity vs. respect ( courtesy of Lorie Morrero.. His point is that we should treat people with dignity until and unless they prove unworthy of it. However, respect has to be earned. That reminds me of the entire political correctness movement, with its concern about “micro-aggressions” and that every minor, trivial grievance be heard and accommodated. I’m happy to treat people with dignity …

A Good Idea Until You Think About It

For many years I’ve been underscoring the fact that small businesses in the US (and Canada) are the primary generators of net, new jobs in the economy. Larger organizations tend to use automation and lean practices to reduce employment, and hire people as replacements—they tend not to create new jobs. Today I’ve learned that over the past decade, start-ups have specifically been the largest net, new job creators. Yet, in the US. that is exactly the group that will be hurt most …

Winning and Choking Against the Odds

It seems to me the Democrats and Atlanta Falcons are analogous. Both should have won. Both lost in the most bizarre way. For Trump to win the election (after being a huge underdog), and the Patriots to win the Super Bowl (after being down by a record number of points), Trump and the Patriots had to do a dozen things or so perfectly, not just well, but perfectly. And the Democrats and the Atlanta Falcons had to do a half-dozen …