Promotion Is Not Conversion

Don’t confuse means and ends in marketing. The name of this game is “revenue.” Unless you have revenue (as Peter Drucker said, every business needs a customer) you do not have (as accountants say) “a going concern.”

Hence, stop promoting promotion. If you have an interview online, an article published, a media appearance, circulate them in order to attract people, and do more of them. But stop bragging about the newspapers you’re in or that you’re (one of a kibillion) blogging for this publication or that.

The question is this: Is what you’re doing providing revenue directly or indirectly? If so, great, keep it up. If not, find some other way and stop flogging a media mention.

If you don’t believe me, try going to the bank to pay your mortgage using published articles.

3 thoughts on “Promotion Is Not Conversion

    • I don’t think you’re disagreeing, you’re just extending the process. Of course you need profit to succeed, not merely revenue. But my point was that merely promoting something is no guarantee of conversion to revenue, which I think you’d have to agree is a prerequisite to profit! Thanks for writing.

      • I’ve reread your post and agree, we’re close! I don’t think a bit of chest thumping does any harm but there’s a lot of content out there that isn’t promoted properly. At the risk of appearing pedantic, maybe it’s about promotion the right promotion right!
        PS my favourite Drucker quote is something like ‘the purpose of business is not to make a sale but to make and keep a customer,’
        I’m looking forward to more banter! Cheers

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