Psst! Over here. You wanna buy a watch?

Of all the scams I know on the internet, among the worst (more so than even the African princes offering you millions to hold their money) are the Indians offering to improve SEO.

They must have their share of naive people who buy or I doubt they’d be spending this much time on the spam. People who have bitten have told me the work is shoddy and inaccurate, responsiveness is terrible and they often just keep the money without producing anything.

But the point for our kind of business is that SEO listings are useless on the corporate side, and of little use on the retail side without a strong brand and other internet strategies. Corporate buyers aren’t influenced by SEO, and there is too much noise on the retail side.

I know, you can point out an example of someone gaining business after they improved SEO. I can also point out people killed by lighting strikes and lottery winners who won $300 million on a dollar bet. What’s the point?

(As a test, I accepted an offer of someone in Mumbai to get me on Wikipedia. He wanted no money up front, and only $95 when I was satisfied. His promise of a draft the next week took three weeks. What he produced, based upon voluminous material I sent, was not even a full page that was large inaccurate, including the spelling of my name.)

2 thoughts on “Psst! Over here. You wanna buy a watch?

  1. And yet there are people who will swear by it. If they would just take a moment to consider what is really going on. The get put at the top of a list with everyone else who does the same thing. Where is the distinction in that?
    So because they are at the top of a list, that makes them the best? For that matter those who are likely to use this often have web pages that are out of date, or not at all reflective of the actual work they do.
    I have had people preach to me about the wonders of social media in promoting their business, but, it is my belief it only works if you have a clear strategy on how you will use it. Like you I believe those few successes that some folks have are indeed like the person who won Powerball on a onetime purchase, few and far in between.
    For those who really believe it will help drive business and their phones will be ringing off the hook, I have a well aged bottle of Thunderbird I will gladly give them.

  2. Amen. And there are people sending checks to Nigeria to collect a n inheritance, or who believe it’s really the IRS on he phone claiming they owe money.

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