Some nagging questions that go unanswered:

• Why are so many people globally trying to learn English while so many people in the US aren’t bothering?

• Why would a restaurant hire a woman with no personality whatsoever and make her the hostess?

• Why do only 10% of the drivers in Rhode Island know how to parallel park? (Some have to take a cab from where they leave their car to the curb.)

• Who buys a condo on the ocean with the apartment and terrace facing inland?

• Why do you own a boat if you just sit on it at the dock drinking? Isn’t a bar more comfortable, and with better food?

• Shouldn’t cruising for a week with a thousand strangers all shoving to grab as much of the buffet food as they can be considered punishment for some offense, not a vacation?

• How on earth can anyone consider the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” funny?

• Why don’t people realize that the sole thing congress people are really adept at is maneuvering the get themselves reelected? (About 400 of the 435 are considered sure bets for reelection in the House and 64 in the Senate at the moment. Source: Rothenberg political reports.)

• Why does almost every woman on TV news, weather, and traffic-reporting duty dress and groom as if about to appear on The Bachelorette?

© Alan Weiss 2014

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