Quick Tips to Success from the Hall of Fame Members

From our current Private Roster Mentor Community Hall of Fame® Meeting in New York City:

• Embrace your entire life, don’t “compartmentalize” your business.

• Simple is far more valuable than complex.

• Market even more when you are successful and have the funds to invest.

• You are far better served developing additional business in existing clients than trying to continually acquire new clients.

• A good idea isn’t enough—you have to monetize it through some kind of product or service offering.

• To grow substantially you can’t merely do “more of the same.” You have to think differently, and you may need help to do that.

• Mere interest is insufficient. Passion is required, in business and life.

• Always prepare a “Plan B” (e.g., to replay a key client or employee).

• Only an open mind can accept new ideas.

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