I’ve heard it said that one should love to go on vacation and love to return home. I’m the poster boy for that philosophy.

We drove from Point Pleasant, NJ to East Greenwich, RI in 3.5 hours today, despite two brief traffic jams. Such is our road system that I didn’t encounter one light until we were a mile from my house. One of our house sitters figured out a better way to play fetch with Bentley which prevents him from getting a head start. It’s a solid improvement.

We had a week of perfect weather at the beach, temps in the 90s, ocean temp 70s, good time on the boardwalk with the grandchildren, and fabulous casual and formal food, capped off at Whispers last night in Spring Lake. That is one fantastic restaurant with super food and attentive service. I’m going back. It’s worth a 3.5 hour drive!

We’re off to church, then to La Masseria for dinner, back in the groove here at home. It’s great to return to Point Pleasant with the fifth generation visiting that beach. In a few weeks, out 17th year in Nantucket beckons at a new house.

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