Review of Pacific Rim

On the flight to Dubai I watched Pacific Rim, because my wife isn’t crazy about science fiction movies and I am. However, this wasn’t science fiction. It was garbage.

This makes the legendary Plan Nine from Outer Space (supposedly the worst movie ever made in any genre) look like Hamlet. The writing is juvenile; the acting is mechanical; the plot line is trite and ridiculous. While the special effects are excellent, they are repetitive and often hard to follow. There is an attempt at camp amidst the pseudo-seriousness which is absurd.

Guillermo del Toro, who directed this reeking mess (and co-wrote it), is supposed to be a professional who knows better. But I’ve never rooted for the monsters so hard in my life. I wanted them to kill all the actors then break the fourth wall and kill everyone who created and funded this absolutely useless waste of 90 minutes.

It’s earned over $400 million globally, not much of it in the states, which makes me somewhat prouder of our culture. Don’t go near it.

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2 thoughts on “Review of Pacific Rim

  1. Dear Alan

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos of your trip to China. In regards to sci-fi movies, I highly recommend Gravity which has an intelligent, well structured plot and believable characters.


    Nick Phillips

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