Running on Empty

A woman I coached was hired by a large company at the beginning of her career. They asked her for a $15,000 training program on setting priority. She thought she had died and gone to heaven.

She did such a good job, that the asked if she could do another program on decision making. She readily agreed. When she put the materials together, she thought it would be a good idea to create a three ring binder with a tab for the first course materials she had distributed, and a tab for the new course materials, as well.

Then she looked at this big binder with two tabs, and she created empty sections with tabs reading “delegation,” “conflict resolution,” “planning,” and so on. There were another ten, 12 in total. At the second session participants eagerly asked about the empty tabs. The buyer asked for programs for the entire binder. I told her to give him a discount if he paid in advance for the other ten, $12,000 each instead of $15,000.

Thus, a $15,000 initial project became a $150,000 project and a full complement of courses to offer to others. You don’t always need content, sometimes an attractive future is more than enough.

© Alan Weiss 2016

One thought on “Running on Empty

  1. Alan,

    This is brilliant! Even though I’m now retired “three weeks out of four” from my engineering consulting practice, I still do training – what a great idea!

    Wish I had learned this 30 years ago, but never too late to teach an old dog some new tricks. Thanks!

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