Samantha Bee (Gone)

Samantha Bee is, to be extremely kind, a very minor “talent.” She is vulgar and obscene. She used a horrible, derogatory expression about the president’s daughter, was afraid she might actually lose her income (which is based on being vulgar), so she apologized, and then found she wasn’t going to be fired and lose her income, and has just about retracted the apology.

She will ride this as long as she can (remember another tiny talent, Kathy Griffin, with the president’s severed head—apology—then not so much of an apology). Her interest is in making money and, with little real ability, she’s chosen vulgarity to try to do so.

We’re starting to become inured to this kind of outrageous behavior, which fosters even wilder outrageous behavior to try to stay in the media’s spotlights. As long as Samantha Bee wants to obscenely attack other people’s daughters, the question arises: What would parents think of a daughter like her? “Oh, we’re so proud of her!”

Maybe not.

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