Set Me On Fire

Once again, we see people insufficiently motivated to walk across Tony Robbins’s hot coals without getting burned and, in fact, needing hospitalization. Poor Tony, he’s facing more and more weak people. (

On a more serious note, when will we make it illegal to use spurious developmental scams with no validation or pragmatic use—be they hot coals or sweat tents or holding your breath—that can cause serious physical and psychological harm and, in some cases, even death?

One thought on “Set Me On Fire

  1. I saw this and immediately thought about what you’d say about this. Gimmicks and schemes are the tools of desperate snake oil salesmen. But no matter how many people fall victim to these things, there are even more who will seek out such things tomorrow, for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s hard not to think that rational thought and reason and logic and successful experience are losing the battle.

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