Some people may thing SHRM is the Society for Human Resource Management. It is not. It stands for the Stupid, Hardly Relevant Mess.

I’ve thought for a long time that HR in general is a vestigial appendage, to the extent it makes an appendix look useful. Transactional stuff (benefits, relocation) can be outsourced for economies of scale, and transformational stuff (restricting, change management) can’t be done by internal HR people 99% of the time.

Apparently, nor can removal from mailing lists. I’ve left messages for the executive director of SHRM, sent emails, returned their hard copy letters—to no avail. The want me to rejoin since I left them only a decade ago, finding them clueless. But they just keep spending their time and money fruitlessly going through the routine.

Sort of like an internal HR function.

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6 thoughts on “SHRM

    • It helps explain a recent series on blowing up HR in the Jul-Aug of HBR. Consider this point, “think of the simmering debate within HR about whether it should be a profession like accounting, with universal practices. This view has been champion by, the Society for Human resource Management and driven by its very successful certification programs, which teach and then document knowledge in designing compensation systems and other specialties.”
      There focus is on their certification programs not how to help people be better managers. If they were then they would acknowledge your request. I’m thinking I have something I can use in my practice.

  1. Who certifies the certifiers? People are more concerned with dumb initials after their names than their actual competence in real life.

    Sed quis Custodiet ipsos Custodes? (Who shall guard us from the guardians?)
    — Juvenal

    • I remember first reading that statement I think in Million Dollar Consulting and it has stuck with me. I have often used it myself the looks I’ve gotten are very amusing.

  2. The complete unconcern and non-responsiveness of SHRM–and I wrote to the executive director twice– tells you how woeful the HR profession is and how vacant their SPHR or whatever dumb initials are. “Doctor, remove the HR people, but please save the appendix!”

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