They Shyster Is Coming to Town

Another conman is coming to town. He’s advertising all over the radio that you can attend his “free” seminar (seating is very limited), receive a “free” copy of his book, and learn right there how to “flip houses to make a big profit using other people’s money.” This is as bad as the Nigerian princes asking you to shelter their millions, or the Indian SEO experts who are going to improve your business, or the Czechs who want thousands to “protect your trademarks.” And, of course, we have the endless, unethical, sleaze-ball pyramid selling schemes (“multi-level” and “network” marketing).

There must be people falling for this crap because it’s expensive to advertise and hire meeting space. I think it’s because there are a lot of people who just don’t want to work and feel they can find some shortcut.

They never realize that the “shortcut” never leads to a finish line.

2 thoughts on “They Shyster Is Coming to Town

  1. Hey Alan,

    New to your world, just read your Million Dollar Consulting and really enjoyed it.
    I have an established business but your value based pricing model makes a lot of sense. Tested it on two clients and nearly tripled what I would typically bill.

    Just wanted to say thank you.

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