4 thoughts on “Some Intellectual Humor

  1. Thanks for the laughs. TED.com has a terrific collection of thought-provoking talks, this being one of more humorous ones. (Now there’s a site worth “squandering” time on.)

    Keeping with the theme, I think Ms. Levine is onto something and I predict her description of a “trickster” will inspire a language breakthrough for consultants everywhere. She describes such people as “agents of change” that “bring a fresh viewpoint” and, as such, are able to see “contradictions others may not see.” Well doesn’t that look familiar.

    With this new term, I foresee a new and wonderfully succinct response to potential clients who challenge one’s capabilities due to a lack of specific experience in their industry. Rather than heed Alan’s advice to speak to the value of an “outside, objective, and process approach” why not cut to the chase and state simply, “What you need is a trickster!”

    I’ll report back with my findings.

  2. Thanks for the laughs and stimulation, certainly greater than Facebook and excellent reason not to spend 22 minutes on Twitter – be great to see what Emily makes of such social interaction!

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