Speaking with Alan

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The most recent class of Speaking with Alan, the most intense program available for creating, practicing, and marketing a speech. The 2.5-day workshop is held at Alan’s home, and includes fine dining every night.
Left to right: John Weathington, Danville, CA; Pat Lynch, Long Beach, CA; Angie Katselianos, Milan, Italy; David Gammel, Salisbury, MD; Pam Harper, Glen Rock, NJ; Roberta Matuson, Brookline, MA; Koufax, the Wonder Dog; Alan Weiss.

One thought on “Speaking with Alan

  1. What an outstanding experience. Thank you Alan!

    I am putting the final touches on another speech that I will be delivering to the executives of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association in October. It used to take me weeks to write a speech. This time, two days. Need I say more?

    Thank you for giving me something that money cannot buy. More time to focus on personal and business matters.

    Again, thanks.

    Roberta Matuson

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