Spend A Day With Alan and Get A Charitable Tax Deduction

People often come to my home to spend a day to talk in depth about their business and life. Depending on a range of factors, that fee is typically $9,500 to $15,000.

I’m seeking to raise money for the Newport International Film Festival (I did a similar thing for Festival Ballet about two years ago).

Place your bid on the commentary to this notice (starting bid is $2,500). We will track them for two weeks, until noon, Eastern U.S. time, February 9. Whoever is high bidder at that point will receive:

• Dinner with me the night prior to our meeting
• A full day of coaching on subjects of your choice
• Free room at a nearby hotel
• Free local transportation
• A date that’s mutually-convenient and good for up to a year
• Transferable as a gift to someone else
• All meals while here
• The right to include a spouse, significant other, or business partner

You need only pay to get here, which means you can schedule it around your use of frequent flyer miles (or a car ride if you’re close). And, of course, your winning bid is deductible as a charitable donation (the check must be made out to the Film Festival, which can also accept your credit card).

You must list your name and email with your bid to keep this transparent, so that no one thinks I’m artificially boosting the bids!

The bidding is now open.

24 thoughts on “Spend A Day With Alan and Get A Charitable Tax Deduction

  1. Great stuff, have I added that we’ll provide two free passes to all films during the Newport Film Festival, June 4-7, including all parties and events with film makers?

  2. Rob Novak wins, my congratulations and sincere thanks for his generosity.

    If Ed Poll, Steve Whiteside, Dan Weeden, or Mark Rodgers (or anyone else) wants to commit today to $5500, I will provide the same benefits and lower Rob’s bid to that amount, a win/win/win. Everyone will have the individual day, plus the other benefits.

    I need to know before tomorrow, then we’ll schedule things. Rob, hold tight until then, you may not have to spend quite so much!

  3. sign me up for the win/win/win! I missed opportunity to make a bid this morning, but excited about Alan’s offer that will benefit all involved. – Erik Pelton
    emp at tm4smallbiz dot com

  4. Hi Alan,

    I am sorry I have been away from my Internet for two days. I have sent you a email to make sure I understand, but sounds great! I love it when everyone wins!


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