Our prior white German Shepherd, Koufax, caught his first squirrel at the age of two. He went on to make 16 kills in 6 species that we confirmed. I’d estimate the true total was three times that. He was a lovable, great dog who loved to hunt.

His successor, Bentley, has longer legs and is slightly lighter, and is clearly faster. At the age of five he hasn’t caught anything that we’ve ever seen and I doubt anything that we haven’t. Bentley is blazingly fast, but his tactic is to chase down squirrels. While he’s much faster, there is nowhere on our six acres where he can simply run one down because we have thousands of trees. There’s always one available to a squirrel before Bentley can quite get there.

Koufax, however, watched squirrels intently from the house, and one day began running between the squirrel and the nearest tree. (If you follow hockey, the great Wayne Gretzky said that he skated to where the puck was going to be, not where it currently was.) By the time the squirrell realized it had to change its destination, it was too late.

Watch your “prey.” How to buyers tend to make decisions? To whom do they listen? What do they read? What do they attend? Where do they hang out? Get between them and that tree.

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