Stealing More Than the Ball

Three UCLA basketball players in China with the team were found guilty of shoplifting and it took the President of the US appealing to the President of China to free them. UCLA says they will be “suspended” from team activities and may, “at some point,” be allowed to work out again with the team.

Here’s another idea: Why not insist they actually attend class, do some public service work, and see if they can maintain the grades necessary to stay in school without basketball scholarships?

If an employee shoplifted during a visit to a customer, would you “suspend” the employee or fire that person? How stupid and totally self-absorbed do you have to be to ignore the repercussions for your team, school, and country?

Answer: Very.

2 thoughts on “Stealing More Than the Ball

  1. A worse situation happened at Wheaton College, the famous Evangelical college in the Chicago area. Their football team is one of the top Division III teams, and 5 football players allegedly hazed a freshman player physically and sexually, leaving him half naked on the football field with two torn shoulders. All the school did was suspend them for a few games. Now, the victim pressed criminal charges, but legal experts doubt they will be convicted, because the courts tend to let sports teams discipline themselves.

  2. Fraternities are being increasingly brought before the courts for hazing, and so have even marching bands, so I think this may be dealt with more appropriately.

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