Sticks and Stones

Can it possibly be true that some universities have created a policy whereby any student can report and accuse any other of “making them feel uncomfortable”? My father used to tell me, “Don’t come crying to me, fight the guy!” Now the advice is, “Don’t fight the guy, go crying to the thought police!”

How on earth do you succeed in a competitive, capitalistic, complex society when you’re taught that every time your feelings are hurt or someone disagrees with you that you can expect “safe zones” and protection, and commiseration?

Bias, bullying, and bigotry have to be resisted and fought. But trying to offer protection against people who offend your sensibilities, or simply disagree with you, actually dilutes the power of opposing true oppression. Asking for help because your feelings are hurt debases the positions of those who are truly harmed by bias and hate.

You might not agree with me, I guess, and you can always tell me so. But going to some committee appointed to protect you from other viewpoints isn’t going to help you and isn’t going to stop those viewpoints!

One thought on “Sticks and Stones

  1. Alan,

    I could not agree MORE with you. The very idea that people feel it their right to call the authorities because they are “uncomfortable” most like due to their prejudism or bias is very very concern as well as threatens our constitutional rights.


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