Sticks and Stones

I’m sitting in my hotel in San Francisco listening to the ubiquitous happy talk early morning news, today on NBC. The “anchors” report stories about Trump, his advisors, and his wife with a deliberate and unmistakeable contempt, complete with snide intonation and skeptical body language. It’s as if someone were to say that the city will defy federal law and give sanctuary to illegal immigrants. Oh, wait, that’s what they are doing.

Irrespective of one’s politics, this was and is the attitude of the media and pundits and his primary opponents and the Clinton campaign toward Trump. But that didn’t work too well through the primaries and the general election. Perhaps the surprise Democratic loss can be explained by the fact that you need take opponents seriously, because scoffing at them doesn’t intimidate them or make them run away.

© Alan Weiss 2017

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