Success Practices from the Hall of Fame

From the Mentor Hall of Fame meeting at The Palace Hotel in New York City:

Success Practices

• Tell the client what others have been afraid to tell.

• Connect one-on-one, never email when you can phone, never phone when you can visit in person.

• Raise new ideas and don’t wait to “perfect” them.

• Provide options: “There are four options for us to examine….”

• Be frank and self-disclosing about your passion for the work.

• Create meetings by alerting the client that you’ll “be in the neighborhood” on certain dates.

• Focus on the buyer’s personal objectives in addition to the business objectives.

• Recycle and repurpose your intellectual property in different media at different times.

• Always pursue clients in the fourth quarter of their fiscal years when there are often funds that must be spent prior to year-end.

• Never worry about “too many leads” or “too much business.” Devise ways to stagger and coordinate business; streamline your model; delegate work to the client; and/or use subcontractors.

• Pursue success not perfection.

2 thoughts on “Success Practices from the Hall of Fame

  1. On the next to last point, this is my biggest pain at the moment. If you’re so specialized that subcontractors are not an option in the short term, how do you stagger when long standing, enterprise clients all expect to be first in line?

  2. You can’t square a circle. You can turn down the business, or reeducate your clients. Stop assuming only you can do things. Otherwise, you’re simply digging a deeper hole with each assignment.

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