Life and business lessons in single sentences:

1. Every day try to help at least one person in some manner.

2. People desire quick responsiveness, not immediate access.

3. Launch the concept of your initiative before investing in the infrastructure.

4. The issue is not to avoid mistakes, but how best to recover from those that do occur.

5. Passion about an issue doesn’t validate the issue, it simply heats it up.

6. It’s more productive to know why your good than that you’re good.

7. Always listen, because people are pleased when their story is heard.

8. The key to increasing your discretionary time is learning to say “No.”

9. Not all potential business is good business.

10. Writing a book doesn’t make one an expert, just an author.

11. Reading a book doesn’t make one educated, just a reader.

12. Success is the willingness to be imperfect and happy about it.

© Alan Weiss 2013

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