I increasingly deal with people who just want to get the problem off their desk and onto someone else’s. They don’t want to be bothered with work, and customers just get in the way of trying to be totally unproductive. I call these people “sweepers” because they want to sweep any kind of accountability out of their area.

The main reason for this is that they don’t own the business. They have no skin in the game, no pride in the work or output (though they’re the first to yell “Lousy management!” when the business goes under due to their own non-performance).

Hire and reward people who act like owners, who view the resources and results as theirs, the former to be protected, the latter to be exploited. If you’re tolerating people who just take your money and otherwise don’t give a damn, then you’re sweeping the issue out of your office, but it’s going to return again tomorrow, because you’ll have more people sweeping in than you can sweep out.

One thought on “Sweepers

  1. No doubt we get what we tolerate. When we moved to STL 7 years ago, I happily chose to bring NYC with me.

    More recently, for the local new “barista” who keeps asking my name, next time it’s last name “Memory,” first name “Getta.” Who are these people?

    Last nite, before ordering dinner for 4 desperados at home, I asked the cashier in-person what the special was and rather than answer she put the “sign” where I could see it. Thank God it was 8p and past my bedtime. Are you kidding me? Where do these people come from? Who hires them?

    This kind of entitlement exists everywhere which is why I’m thankful for Alan’s personal power, which should never be given away, especially for a $5 latte.

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